Michael Tow
Certified Personal Trainer NYC


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Michael became a good friend besides being my trainer. I had a weight problem that was interfering with my health. Michael helped guide me to lose the weight that my doctor told me I needed to lose. I started working with him twice a week and I saw results within a short time. Now my health problems have gone away with the weight lose. Thanks Michael!
-Joseph B.

Michael was a big part in making my wedding day a dream come true. He listened to my needs and gave me the motivation and exercises I needed to do to lose some weight and make my arms and back toned. I looked great in my wedding dress. My memories and pictures of my wedding day will last me a lifetime. Thanks!
-Michelle L.

I lost over 50 pounds following the training program Michael put me through!  I was in really bad shape when I started out with Michael, but he noticed the fire in my belly to get back in shape, so he gave me a sensible program to gradually increase my workout frequency and intensity until I lost all the weight I wanted. I feel like a brand new chap now!
-Christopher L.

I couldn't find any other trainer as knowledgeable in so many physical disciplines as Michael. He made my workouts fun and exciting!
-Delia P.

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