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Enthusiasm in the face of failure and persisting until you succeed is the key!!!

         Michael Tow

I believe everyone has a purpose in life, to learn and to love as much as we can. I study life and all it has to offer. Life has an infinite supply of things to enjoy and understand. The only difference between a happy person and an unhappy person is thinking something is bad or good.

I have seen and felt love, beauty, and kindness in everything. I have also seen and felt fear, ugliness, and cruelty. What is the truth? Is it a matter of opinion or are all our thoughts reality? You can be enjoying a nice dinner with friends and family or you can notice everything that is wrong with the dinner and the people around you. Which one is the truth? I've lived both scenarios in my own life.

I was a vegan in high school and thought how cruel my family and friends were to eat animals for food when they could eat vegetables, rice, and bread to live. I was miserable thinking my way was the right way. Now I enjoy an omnivore's diet and think my family and friends can eat anything they want. I used to exercise almost everyday while my mother would chastise me for wasting my time lifting weights because she though I could use my time better by doing my homework and making money in a job.

Now my job is helping people exercise, eat better, feel better, and think better. My mother started to exercise everyday and has not criticized me for it again. What are the lessons here? The lesson is that we don't know everything and it is better to love reality, than to hate it.

I had to first accept that I was a very skinny sickly boy and felt intimidated by stronger boys around me. When I saw my situation clearly, I had the power to change it.  I learned all I can about nutrition, health, bodybuilding, and martial arts to improve myself.

Our bodies and intellects grow stronger and smarter with conditioning. We all still have occasional colds, bruises, aches, and pain, but it is in understanding that everything has a purpose and it serves us in the long run that we transcend the physical pain and enjoy peace no matter what happens.

My joy is in learning what is possible and loving every moment as it comes. My choice of profession and friends do not define me. We are all infinite beings living a human experience. It is my current task to serve as a health and wellness coach, certified personal trainer, martial arts instructor, and loving human being.



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